Which Jobs Will Survive the Automation Revolution?

August 28, 2019 by Harp Job

It's no secret that, in the future, automation will claim many jobs that are currently handled by humans. Even so, there will be plenty of jobs left that robots simply can't handle. Following are a few of the many options for your consideration.


Teaching requires a host of skills that robots simply don't have. Elementary, secondary and high school teachers won't be replaced by robots any time in the foreseeable future. University professors, college professors and vocational school teachers are also safe from AI replacement.

Medical Work

Robots don't have what it takes to interact with patients and provide customized care. As an added bonus, there are plenty of employment opportunities in this field. Options include becoming a registered nurse, nursing assistant, doctor, surgeon, dentist, dietitian or therapist.


Human workers and robots alike will need competent first-line supervisors and managers. Good career options include management positions supervising mechanics, installers, repairers, firefighters and law enforcement officials. Managerial positions in the hotel industry are also safe from the AI revolution as such positions involve regular communication with clients of all ages and walks of life, something which robots aren't able to handle at this point in time.


Someone will need to manage the robots, ensuring that they are regularly maintained, fixed and replaced as needed. Human robotics and mechanical engineers and technicians will continue to earn a good salary and be in high demand as the AI revolution gets underway.

Industries are turning to automation to handle a wide range of jobs that were once performed by humans. Those who are studying for a career or considering switching career paths should take this into account and select a job option that is not likely to become automated in the near future. Thankfully, just about any job requiring communication skills or specialized skills in handling robots are safe from AI replacement and there are plenty of career options in these fields for anyone to pick from.

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